Alameda de Hercules

Alameda de Hércules (Antonio Eme Ortega)

Vista de la Alameda de Hércules, en Sevilla.

The grand boulevard of the historic centre of Seville appeared in 1574 when the Conde de Barajas ordered drained with canals a traditionally flood zone in the vicinity of the river Guadalquivir, on the northern edge of the walled city. This good measure of hygiene resulted in one of the most extensive green spaces preserved in Seville.

Its iconic Roman columns, topped by statues of Hercules and Julius Caesar, whom tradition established as founders and supporters of Sevilla, and other unique venues such as the House of the Sirens, adorn one of the most vibrant areas of the city. The restaurants, pubs and shops of urban culture and the usual concerts, festivals and markets that settle in this great esplanade make it a more dynamic epicenter of Seville.