The weatherman at Easter

La Estrella atraviesa el puente

La Estrella atraviesa el puente de Triana en Sevilla.

When Easter arrives, everyone watches the sky. It is figuratively, as an expression of religious fervor, but also literally. Rain can leave the temple to the people venerate images in procession, all of great artistic and antique value, to avoid the deterioration weather may cause. Therefore, in these days of Passion forecasters become the oracle particularly for brothers and tourism entrepreneurs. His predictions translate into good or bad news for the city.

Luis Fernando Lopez Cotin, Aemet delegate in Andalusia, explains the role that the state agency meets these days, turning to the authorities and sororities, noting his dedication to public service.

The rise of the weather is such that it has made the leap from the official and traditional media to social networks, teeming with specialized profiles. At this time, his business flourished as never before. In the words of Juan Ramón Rivas, @eltiempoSevilla: “The weather concerns about the Easter has increased markedly since the mid to late February, almost coinciding with the beginning of the period of Lent. Much of the public wonders what will be time for Easter, either to enjoy the brotherhoods as mere observers, participants, devotees, for seasons of penance, by the same Brotherhood, which look a whole year of work at the mercy of the weather or just for the holiday to plan outdoor activities.”

We must have that “the weather is practically the only factor that can not be controlled at this event, and it depends on the normality with which it takes place”. Hence, the expectation has been growing exponentially as Easter approached, especially after rains own March. “Visits to the web www.eltiemposevilla.es have almost quadrupled compared to the month of January, for example, in addition to exponentially increase the number of inquiries from large following through social networks, both private or directly and publicly post” said Rivas.

However, the weather forecast is stable and even heat from each previous forecast Thursday to Easter takes Aemet, which confirms other sources. Including classics like the weatherman par excellence for millions of Spaniards, Jose Antonio Maldonado, who after decades in the news on Spanish TV has extended his mastery in eltiempo.es: “Those who want what we call ‘good time’ ie, sunny atmosphere, are in luck, because, with few exceptions, that is the atmosphere that reign in Spain “.

The activity is frantic these days for men (and women) time. That in addition to ruling with caution and, if necessary, gently have to deal with beliefs with no scientific basis “a month of good weather can mean a rainy Easter” or the saying: “If Lent comes wet you leave it soaked.” The sun is imposed, so avoid scenes of concern to the door of the parishes, where there is always dressed man who clings to his mobile phone while listening sideways: “For Huelva is clear.”