Casa de la Memoria

Live flamenco, authentic flamenco. Every day of the year visitors have an opportunity to experience this magical art form in the heart of Seville thanks to the Casa de la Memoria. Formerly the stables of the Palacio de la Condesa de Lebrija, this gorgeous building is now home to the most ardent Andalusian tradition. Set in a lovely patio of a typical Sevillian house, each show is intimate and allows spectators to feel part of the spectacle.

Throughout the year there are countless flamenco spectacles, expositions, and conferences that take place in the Casa de la Memoria. Every evening, more than thirty recognized artists perform for mesmerized audiences, exuding pure energy and elegance. Singers, dancers, and guitarists, such as Pastora Galván, (National Honors for Flamenco Dancing),Rafael Campallo, Felipe Mato, Adela Campallo, Asunción Pérez ‘Choni’, Óscar de los Reyes, Maribel Ramos, Juan Carlos Cardoso, Leonor Leal, Vicente Gelo, Ana Real, Jesús Corbacho, or Jeromo Segura (honoree at the prestigious Festival de las Minas al Mejor Cantaor Joven), Manuel de la Luz, Tino or Pedro Sánchez, son of the famed Naranjito de Triana.

Without a doubt, the Casa de la Memoria is the best place in Seville to learn about the historical and cultural importance of Flamenco.

Address: calle Cuna, 6

Phone: (+34) 954 56 06 70

Email: flamencomemoria@gmail.com