Church of El Salvador

Iglesia del Salvador de Sevilla

Iglesia del Salvador, antigua Colegiata, en el centro de Sevilla.

For 600 years it was a collegiate church and the second of Seville’s churches in importance after the Cathedral, as is evident from the architectural, sculptural and pictorial wealth housed in its interior. Its current style is based on a Baroque design which substituted the medieval collegiate church, although it also incorporates earlier Roman, Visigothic and Muslim influences. Examples of these vestiges include the access from calle Córdoba, which still conserves the lower section of the tower of the Great Mosque of Adabbás.

The altarpieces, sacred images, sculptures, paintings and gold and silverwork include works by famous artists such as Juan de Oviedo, Duque Cornejo, Juan de Mesa and Martínez Montañés. Apart from these art works and other valuables, the imposing Baroque organ serves as a reminder of the Church’s intense musical activities.