The Convent of San Leandro

convento san leandro sevilla

Fachada del Convento de San Leandro a la Plaza de San Ildefonso.

The story of the Convent of San Leandro is well known in Seville. Nothing is more Sevillian. Everything is summarized in the conventual architecture typical of the Seville, works of art by local artists, including Murillo, and its acclaimed sweets. It is truly a jewel of art, history, and culture.

It is said that the Augustinian Order arrived in Seville practically with the conquest of Fernando III. What is surprising is its presence during the reign of Fernando IV, between the 13th and 14th centuries. They settled outside the city walls, by the Gate of Cordoba. It was only in 1367 that they moved inside the city walls.

With the approval of King Pedro I of Castille, the nuns first established themselves at San Marcos and quickly switched to the former parish of San Ildefonso (from 1369), where they are located to this day.