The City Sightseeing Marathon Challenge Kicks Off in Seville

city sightseeing marathon challenge sevilla

The City Sightseeing Marathon Challenge starts in Seville.

If you want to run in the Seville Marathon, you won’t find a better opportunity to do so. City Sightseeing has launched a new campaign aimed at runners who take advantage of marathons to not only run in famous international marathons but to discover a new city. The City Sightseeing Marathon Challenge will Crown three lucky winners who will a trip to run in the Seville Marathon. The prize includes airfare, a hotel stay, gourmet meals, and a fantastic sightseeing experience. All you have to do to take part is fill out the registration form at themarathonchallenge.com.

The campaign, which is focused on those who love to run and travel, is in full swing. The City Sightseeing Marathon Challenge is an opportunity for runners from all over the world to discover exciting, world-famous destinations by running marathons, starting with Seville Marathon on February 25th.

At present, 22 of the more than 100 cities included in the international City Sightseeing network host marathons certified by the IAAF as Gold, Silver or Bronze Medal. Between January 26 and February 5, marathon runners can aspire to get a free trip to Seville plus accommodation, a touristic experience in the city (including the City Sightseeing Sevilla bus) and a dorsal in the marathon that will be held on the 25th. February Participants must indicate why they would like to fly to Seville and run the city marathon, in addition to adding a certificate with their best mark in the distance in any other marathon in the world.

Presently, 22 of more than 100 cities belonging to the City Sightseeing international network host IAAF (gold, silver, or bronze) marathons. Between January 26th and February 5th, marathoners can try to win a free trip to Seville, which includes airfare, lodging, a tourist experience to discover the city (including a trip on the City Sightseeing Seville bus), and bib number for the marathon. The participants should indicate why they would like to travel to Seville and run in the city’s marathon. They should also include a certificate with their personal best from a marathon they have participated in.

The participant with the best story, along with the fastest runners (male and female) will also have the opportunity to participate in the Seville Marathon thanks to City Sightseeing. City Sightseeing will provide all winners with flights, hotel accommodations, a city sightseeing experience, and a bib number.

The City Sightseeing Marathon Challenge has officially started and will continue in the coming months at other fabulous marathons in cities where City Sightseeing is present, including New York, London, Berlin, Chicago, Paris, Dubai, Rome, Athens, and Barcelona.

Visit http://themarathonchallenge.com